Mission and goals

„Co-Participation” Association (1997) is a non- governmental organization in favour of society, established aiming at the assistance for confirming European standards in the area of social work with young people, education and prevention of risky behaviour. We believe in people’ s ability to associate with each other freely and in co- participation, step by step, to change our vertically structured society into a horizontal one. „Co-Participation” Association focuses all its efforts on the most vulnerable parts of society:

• children and young people of the Roma neighbourhoods;

• children abandoned in institutions;

• families with risk to abandon their children;

• children and young people who need support in order to develop their personal resources.

Main directions of work

I. Prevention of risky behaviour (HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis, people traffic, drug addictions, asocial behaviour, etc.)

Prevention of HIV, sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis

The work on site among highly risky groups (prostituting women and men; men who have sex with men, young people with many sexual partners; people who use drugs intravenally, etc.) for the prevention of blood and sexually transmitted infections. Holding HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis and tuberculosis examinations, case work, training and treatment of young people of the Roma neighbourhoods in North- eastern Bulgaria as per the Programs of the Ministry of health. Holding large scope campaigns for vaccination of children and young people in Varna’s Roma neighbourhoods.

Prevention of traffic of people in the Roma community

Prevention of asocial behaviour

Work in the Rom community, directed to groups and individuals with problematic behaviour aiming at prevention or transformation of the process of their social isolation.

II. Deinstitualization of child care

Foster care

„Co-Participation” Association through its Foster care center has been a supplier of the ‘foster care’ social service since 2008 as a delegated municipal activity. In accordance with the standards of providing this service, the Association organizes information campaigns, recruits foster care applicants, researches and trains foster families’ applicants, secures social and psychological support of the foster families and the children being placed in them.

Prevention of abandonment of children in Roma community

Informing the community of the consequences of placing children in institutions; identifying families in risk and having social and psychological work with them; developing the parental capacity of young Roma families and creating negative attitude among young people with risky sexual behaviour in relation to abandoning children and placing them in institutions.

III. Education for personal development

Drawing up and introducing models and programs in the area of school and non- formal education for: civil competence and inter- cultural understanding; children’s rights’ training; prevention of risky behaviour, etc.

IV. Resource security

The increasing competence of the Association’s crews necessitate its development as a resource center for information and methodological support of experts and organizations, working in the area of the provision of social, health and preventive services for children and families. The Association, independently or in co- operation with other organizations, holds researches on significant problems in the area of social work with children, prevention of risky behaviour, education and opportunities for integration of the vulnerable communities.

Co-Participation” Association is a member of:

• The National commission of people traffic struggle;

• Association of Varna organizations for drug addictions’ prevention;

• District council on ethnic and demographic problems- Varna town;

• AIDS municipal consultative council- Varna town;

• Social council on drug addictions- Varna town;

• Local commission on people traffic struggle- Varna town.


• Global AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria struggle fund;

• Ministry of health;

• The National commission of people traffic struggle;

• Kids Care Foundation;

• Varna Municipality

• Aksakovo Municipality;

• National network for the children;

• Lale Foundation;

• OAK Foundation;

• St.Andrey social association;

• Aktion Mensch Foundation;

• Agnes Philippine Walter Stiftung Foundation;

• The Embassy of France in Bulgaria.

Licences of „Co-Participation” Association issued by the CPSA for the provision of social services for children:

• Licence №1391/14.02.2019 for the social service ‘Social assistance center’;